Asking For Donations For Cremation Services

Published: September 5, 2022
by BC Bailey Funeral Home

cremation services in North Haven, CT

When you have a loved one pass on, you might feel that cremation services in North Haven, CT are the right way to go. Not only are they always an honorable way to go, but they are also a less expensive method. Even though it’s not as costly as a full funeral, you might not have the funds you need to give your loved one what they have to have. That’s understandable and there are plenty of options you can do to get their needs met. Here are a few options to consider.

Host A Fundraiser

When the community knows they can support your family through a hard time, it is nice to know they will show up in droves. You could host a fundraiser for your loved one and make it known what the money raised is going toward. You can have a car wash, a spaghetti feed, an auction, or any number of other things. You might be surprised by how generous people are when they know your family needs help with this service.

Do An Online Fundraiser

Fundraisers can happen in person, but they can also happen online. You can set up a variety of things online and raise funds that way. It can be as simple as putting together a page and allowing people to pass it along to others. The news can spread fast and if you place a goal on there, you can watch as people donate and you get closer to covering what you need for the cremation.

Put More Than One Thing Together

You may not be sure what each fundraiser is going to gather and it can help to reach people from a variety of locations if you do more than one thing at a time. You can hold an in-person gathering for a fundraiser and you can pair that with an online fundraiser with the same cause. It can be helpful to run two things so you can get the funds together in a fast manner. Don’t feel like you have to do all of the work, either. Some friends or other family members might offer to host something for you and that can take a load off of you. When you plan ahead you know that your wishes will be fulfilled.

Talk To Family And Friends

Your family members and friends may not realize that you don’t have what you need to take care of your loved one. There’s no shame in reaching out to them for help. You might even get memorial donations coming into you without ever asking for a thing. The people around you want to help, but they may not know what you need until you are open about it and simply ask.

If you need to have cremation services in North Haven, CT for a loved one, but you don’t have the funds you need to put towards even the basic services, there are caring, generous people out there around you who want to help, and will. The cremation provider can help you with other ideas for your funding.

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