Understanding Funeral Home Options

Published: September 26, 2022
by BC Bailey Funeral Home

When you think about funeral homes in North Haven, CT, you might have a certain type of service in mind. It might be the type of service you normally attend when someone you know dies or the tradition among your family members. But there are actually a lot of different options within most funeral homes. Knowing the choices can help you to make hard decisions you have to make when you plan your own services in advance, or when you have to make choices for a loved one who has passed on. Here are a few of the options you might come to terms with.

Traditional Services

This is often the type of service you think of when you consider ‘funeral homes’. These services include a visitation service, which is more of an open house, a funeral, and then a burial. You can also have a reception after those things are over to spend more time with family. There are ways to cut costs, but this type of service is generally the highest in price. If that’s what your loved one wanted, or what you want for them and for your family, it’s always a nice way to go.

Memorial Services

Memorial services are events that can happen at any time. Many people have a memorial service after the cremation, but you can also have a memorial in addition to a funeral, or even instead of that traditional service. Memorial services can feel like funerals, but they can also be celebratory and/or casual. You can talk to the funeral professionals more about them, but they really can be anything you want.

Cremation Options

Cremation is a great way to go if you want something simple for your loved one. It’s lower in cost and can allow you to take care of a loved one’s needs in an effective manner. The cremation process is generally the same every time, but the timing of it is different. You can go with direct cremation, which happens soon after a person dies. There are no services beforehand, but you can do whatever you want after the cremation takes place. Or, you can have a full cremation done. That means a funeral beforehand followed by cremation later.

Direct Burial

Direct burial is similar to direct cremation in that you skip the other services and instead bury your loved one in a direct manner. Some people like to do this so they can take time planning memorial services and other items later. It is also a more cost-effective way to go over having a full funeral first. It’s a traditional, but more direct route.

Graveside Services

Graveside services are often something you have in addition to funerals. You can have the funeral, process to the cemetery, and then have a short graveside service. You can also have a service by the graveside and that’s it. It can be an intimate, small, simple way to take care of needs while honoring the person with funeral homes in North Haven, CT.

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