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Do You Need Grief Counseling After Cremation Services?

Published: October 3, 2022
by BC Bailey Funeral Home

The first thing you might be concerned about when a loved one passes away is your immediate grief and their needs. You will want your loved ones to get what they need. If you decide on cremation services in Wallingford, CT, you can get a package for them and that will allow you to ensure they have everything they need. You can then have the time you need to arrange a memorial, think about final resting places, and other such things. But you are also going to be grieving through all that and it might be hard to concentrate on your own needs. Do you need grief counseling? It’s possible. Here are a few signs that it might be a good thing to try.

You Feel Physically Ill For No Physical Reason

People get sick out of the blue, but if you are feeling physically ill for no physical reason, it might be your grief seeping over into the physical realm. Visit your doctor first and if they don’t have a physical answer for you, perhaps you will want to get some grief counseling. The counselor can pinpoint what might be going awry in your grieving process and that can help you to find new ways to move forward so you can rid of the physical symptoms.

You Want Alone Time—All The Time

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be alone from time to time when you are grieving. That’s completely normal. But if you want to be alone at all times and you find yourself turning down invites, phone calls, and even texts, that can be a problem. You are going to need support right now and that’s important to your recovery. Grief counseling can help you to push yourself past that isolation and get the support you have to have at this hard time.

Your Grief Is Getting Worse

Grief is something that is really never going to go away. You are going to have to live with it and over time, the way you handle it will get better. You’ll get used to it, in a way. But if your grief actually feels worse over time instead of better, then seeking a counselor to help you turn things around can help a good deal. They can give you tips, help you to talk through things, and allow you to vent when you need a listening ear.

You Don’t Enjoy Anything

There are some things that you always enjoyed in the past, but if nothing brings you joy any longer, that is a problem that you might want to address with a counselor. Find things you can try that will help you to find joy again as your life moves ahead.

You Aren’t Sure What Direction To Take

Grief is different for every person and you may not know what direction to take to help yourself move forward. After cremation services in Wallingford, CT, consider grief counseling to help you through that and many other things.

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