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How To Honor Your Loved One’s Ashes

Published: November 28, 2022
by BC Bailey Funeral Home

Cremation in Meriden, CT

Cremation in Meriden, CT is a highly personal choice and can be a tradition for certain families. While some choose to keep the cremated ashes at home, others decide not to leave them home in the urn. Whatever you choose, you'll find plenty of options for honoring your deceased loved one.

Keeping The Remains In Multiple Places

If you decide to keep the ashes in multiple places, you will be relieved to find that the ashes can be made into several urns so the family can share. This is a good option for families that have multiple children or grandchildren. In addition, you can make the ashes into various jewelry pieces to have a loving memory.

Scatter The Ashes Somewhere Special

When you decide to scatter the ashes of your loved one and want to do it somewhere special, you need to remember that you need permission first. If you don't, you can get a fine at the least and jail at the worst. Avoid these issues and take the time to look into your city's rules and regulations regarding cremation so that you have a solid plan in place and can ensure that you've planned something special.

Getting A Biodegradable Urn For A Burial

A biodegradable urn can be made of paper, plant materials, or other great options, which are lovely for land and sea burials. If a biodegradable urn is placed in the water, you'll find that it will begin to dissolve into the water so that your ashes can be one with the ocean sooner than you think and ensure that you have the burial that you want. If you decide to bury your ashes, you'll need to contact your local city for rules on how to do this legally.

Launch Yourself Into The Sky And Be Free

If you love fireworks or space, you might be surprised to know that you can do both with your or your loved one's ashes. Some companies will turn your ashes into a firework, and if you choose to go to space, they will send it along with hundreds of others so that you can be released into space.

With both of these areas, you'll need special permission, which takes time to do. That's why planning this type of cremation is essential to ensure you can do this for your family. Each ceremony can be as intense or small as you want.

Cremation Is Easier If You Pre-Plan

Pre-planning your cremation in Meriden, CT may not be fun, but it will help your family honor your wishes. If your family wants to do this, it would also be good to plan for them. You want to ensure that nothing will come up when you try to do something. In addition, it makes it far easier to ensure that you can plan something special for them and make a ceremony more beautiful and loving. In addition, you can ensure that you can take them where they want their ashes scattered.

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