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Creating An Intimate Memorial Service

Published: December 12, 2022
by BC Bailey Funeral Home

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Not every family is going to want to have a memorial service that is open to the public when a loved one passes on and they have cremation services in Wallingford, CT for them. Rather, they might like to do something small and intimate for their loved ones. There are many different things you can do and each family gets to decide on those options. Here are a few ideas that might give you inspiration for what you can do.

A Backyard Campfire

If your loved one enjoyed nothing more than smores and a firepit sing-a-long, you might want to have a campfire in your backyard to honor them. Instead of sharing stories around the pit, you can share memories and talk about your loved one until the fire dwindles. It can even start new traditions, perhaps for something you do on an annual basis, to remember your loved one.

Family Game Night

Some people adore board and card games and if that sounds like your loved one, inviting the family over for a night of games can be a fun way to remember them. Between games, talk about how they threw a fit that one time when they lost and how silly they were when they acted out a certain character during another game. It can be a combination of fun and memories as you enjoy time with your family. The first thing you might be concerned about when a loved one passes away is your immediate grief and their needs.

Create A Scrapbook As A Group

It can be nice to create a scrapbook for a loved one who has passed on and you might use your family gathering as a nice way to get help for that process. You can get the supplies and have everyone bring their creativity and the pictures they want to include. You can each create a page and then put the book together. It can be something all of you enjoy looking through at gatherings to keep your love on a big part of life.

Start A Memorial Garden

Some people have green thumbs and if your loved one liked having their hands in the dirt, you might want to create a memorial garden for them. Invite your family to the garden plot you have chosen and you can all work the soil together. Set up a wedding calendar and ensure everyone has a part in whatever you are able to harvest together. It can be nice to have a group project, but it’s also nice to have something that your loved one would enjoy.

There are endless things you can do for a loved one’s memorial and the providers can help you to come up with other small, intimate options that your family might enjoy doing together to honor your loved one. Once the cremation services in Wallingford, CT are complete, you have time back on your side. You can do whatever you want on whatever timeline you have in mind with no stress or pressure on the planning process. The providers can help you when you are ready and you can get family input as well.

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