Consideration For Casket Choices

Published: February 6, 2023
by BC Bailey Funeral Home

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When someone you love passes on and you find yourself in charge of their final services, the funeral home in Meriden, CT is there to help you with the details. They know what you need to line up and what the timeline for the process is. One thing you will have to think through is what casket you want for your loved one. This is an important part of the process as you are going to picture your loved one in that product in the future. It will show at the funeral and burial and it’s something you want to be just right. Here are things to consider as you make that decision.

What Size Is Necessary

Your loved one is a certain size and weight and you are going to need a certain casket to contain them. Ask the funeral home what size you need in a casket. You can get something bigger if you want, but you won’t want anything smaller. Most people want just the right size to fit their loved one and the funeral home can guide you in the right direction.

The Budget Available

It’s a good idea to have a budget for the funeral service as a whole, but it’s also a good idea to break down that budget so you are able to understand what you can afford to spend on the casket itself. The funeral home, again, can take your budget and help you to break it down so you know just what you are able to spend. Once you know what you can spend on the casket, you can figure out what you can look at and what you can rule out due to pricing.

Material Options

There are many different materials and you will want to think about what you want for style, functionality, and to suit your loved one’s personality. You might get wood, metal, something biodegradable, or another such option. You need something durable enough for the final service, but after that, the burial isn’t as picky about needs. 


Most caskets can be customized to your liking. With wood caskets, for example, you can get a certain kind of wood, a certain finish, and even ornate décor. With metal, you can have things engraved onto the casket, if you want. Ask about the customizing options, but keep in mind that they generally cost more and might not always fit into your budget. Grief is something that is really never going to go away.

Purchase Locations

There are lots of places where you can purchase a casket. The funeral home is usually the first place people turn to for their casket needs, and they have plenty of options. They also have connections with providers so they can order something that you might want if they don’t have what you need on-site already. You can also order something online, or from another vendor, and the funeral home in Meriden, CT will still use the casket you chose. They want you to honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit with whatever casket you want for them.

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