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Holiday Grief Amidst Cremation Services

Published: February 27, 2023
by BC Bailey Funeral Home

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There’s nothing easy about dealing with cremation services in North Haven, CT around the holidays and it makes the death feel that much heavier. There are a variety of things you can do around the cremation to help yourself through this hard time. Holidays will always feel different in the future because of this loss. How you deal with them this time around can set the tone for the future.

Infuse The Services With Holiday Options

If you are going to have a memorial service for your loved one around the holidays, you might want to place holiday things into that service. Perhaps you will decorate the venue with Christmas lights. Maybe you will sing Christmas carols at the service. You could use poinsettia and evergreens as background décor, too. That can help to showcase the joy of the season, and of your family's love, while you are grieving this hard loss.

Spend More Time With Family

Around the cremation, the memorial, and the holidays, you are going to want to be around your family. There’s a key person missing, and there’s nothing you can do about that. But being with family that will help you to mourn with the support system you need in place can be just what you need. You never want to isolate yourself while you are grieving and being with family can be just the ticket.

Skip Some Traditions, Start New Things

There will be some things that will feel too hard to carry out this year. You were planning final services for your loved one, so perhaps you didn’t have time to buy gifts for everyone as you normally would. Instead, gather your family for a meal and decide together where the memorial funds for your loved one will go. Perhaps you can donate money to that charity in their honor—money that you would have used for gifts, normally. That might be something you do every year from now on and it can be meaningful and special.

Listen To Your Emotions/Needs

When you are grieving, you need to be in tune with yourself more than ever before. Listen to your emotions and vent when you need to. That might mean crying sometimes and laughing at others. You also need to take care of yourself and listen to what your body is telling you. Grieving is draining and there might be times during the day when you need to lie down and rest—do so. When you are hungry, reach for nutrients in your foods so you can energize yourself to get through this difficult time in the best possible way.

When you are planning a loved one’s cremation services in North Haven, CT around the holiday times, it’s going to be hard, but there are ways to make it to the other side of the holidays and to grieve your way through it all. The professionals at the cremation provider’s facilities can help you with grief support any time you want it. Give them a call for that information whenever you feel the need.

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