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Dealing With A Grieving Pet

Published: March 13, 2023
by BC Bailey Funeral Home
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When you lose someone you love, you recognize that the other people in that person’s life will also be grieving and they are going to miss that person as well. The funeral homes in Meriden, CT is going to take care of the deceased person’s needs and they will give your family compassion and support throughout that process. But you are going to have to support your family members, too and get the support you need from them. If your loved one had a pet, that animal might be grieving as well and it might fall to you to take over caring for that pet. Here are some things you can do to deal with that animal as you move forward.

Establish A Routine

It will help the pet to feel more secure with the changes going on around him if he has a routine. Try to do the things your loved one did at the same time. Rise at the time the pet usually got breakfast, takes walks at the normal times, and so on. Having a routine with the pet will help him to understand that even though he misses your loved one, he can trust you to care for him, too.

Give Extra Attention/Love

Pets need love and attention and they are going to notice that the person who usually gives it to them is no longer there. Grief is different and unique, even in pets, and they are going to need that extra attention and love to move forward. You can’t take their loved one’s place, but getting love from someone is going to help them to know they are going to be okay as you move forward together.

Deal With Misbehavior

Pets might misbehave and try certain things when their person is no longer with them. Cats might stop using the litter box, for example, and dogs might use the carpet instead of going outside. There are lots of ways that pets can misbehave in order to show their sadness and you are going to want to deal with that misbehavior and try to get things back on track as fast as you can.

Talk To The Vet

If the pet seems to be super sad, isn’t eating, or is misbehaving more than you can handle, you might want to talk to the vet to get more advice about what you can do to help the pet, and you, move forward as a happy family. The animal was important to your loved one and now, you just want to incorporate that pet into your family. He can even become an important member that helps to remind you of your loved one and the way they adored animals, as a whole.

When you are trying to deal with your own grief, and you know your loved one’s pet is grieving, too, funeral homes in Meriden, CT can help you with advice, resources, and support. It’s hard to move forward. It’s important for you to understand that and take things slow.

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