Should You Send Flowers To A Cremation Service?

Published: March 27, 2023
by BC Bailey Funeral Home
cremation services in Meriden CT

When you hear that someone you know has lost a loved one, you might want to reach out to them and show your sympathies and support. If the family is having cremation services in Meriden, CT for that person, you might wonder if you should send flowers to them for the services. Here are a few things to consider as you move forward.

Yes, If The Family Is Accepting Them

If you hear that the family is accepting flowers as gifts for their loved one, then it’s perfectly acceptable to send an arrangement of your own. It makes sense to send them and it’s a nice gesture. If the family doesn’t want flowers or perhaps asks you to send money to a memorial fund instead, then that’s the way you should go.

No, If The Services Are Not In A Good Location For Them

Some services are held in a funeral home or church, and that’s always a good location that can house flowers with ease. If the family is having a memorial in a park, a family home, or somewhere else that might be smaller and less convenient for flowers, you might want to avoid that gift and come up with something else instead. You can always send money, gift cards, or food, for example.

Yes, If The Service Is A Traditional One

Memorial services can be whatever the family wants them to be. Some families like the memorial services to feel like traditional funerals. If that is the case, sending flowers certainly makes sense. The family can use them as a decoration for the background of the service, and they can see your support and sympathy at the same time.

No, If The Service Is Casual

If, on the other hand, the service is more casual, you might not feel that the flowers are going to be right. If the family is celebrating life, for example, at a bowling alley to play a game, then you might want to send something other than flowers to suit the mood and type of service style they have chosen.

Yes, If You Were Close To The Family

If you are close to family members that are grieving, then sending a gift like flowers can be a great gesture. You can let them know what you are feeling and that you are there to support them through this hard time. If you knew the person well but didn’t know the family all that well, you might just send a card to let them know you will miss their loved one.

No, If You Don’t Have The Money For It

You may be on a tight budget, and that’s okay. Flowers are a nice gesture, but they can also be costly. You can let the family know you care by showing up at the services, helping at the reception, and doing other such things with your time to show your support.

When you hear someone you know is having cremation services in Meriden, CT, you can consult the professionals about sending flowers—or not.

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