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Can You Take Pictures At A Funeral Home?

Published: May 8, 2023
by BC Bailey Funeral Home
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There are many different things you might wonder about visiting funeral homes in North Haven, CT, whether you are visiting for a tour or for a final service. One thing that sometimes comes up during today’s digital age is whether or not you should take pictures at a funeral home. As is true with many things, there’s a time and a place, even for pictures. Here are some tips to help you figure out what you want to do, and what is respectful to the family and other mourners.

Don’t Take Pictures During A Service

You are going to want to keep your camera tucked away during the final service at the funeral home. Don’t take pictures of the people speaking, those around you, or of the person who died. Now is the time to be in the moment and it would be seen as rude and disrespectful to take pictures at this time. People are mourning and don’t want candid shots right now.

After The Service, With Permission

Once the service has concluded, there might be some things you want to take pictures of. Perhaps you want to take a picture of the floral arrangement you sent to the family or of a certain decoration. Ask the family or the funeral director about taking pictures and then, you can move forward with the shot. Just make sure you don’t get people in the background of the picture as they may not appreciate being documented at that moment.

Direct Photos At Flowers And Décor

When taking pictures, even after a service, you are going to want to take pictures of just the flowers and another décor. Don’t take pictures of other people, even if they are around the flower. Wait until you have a clear shot of the arrangement you want to remember and go from there. Funeral homes often are filled with people who are grieving and you will want to respect their space above all else.

Reserve Family Photos For The Reception

The reception is a perfect time to gather the family for group shots. You may not see all of those people in the same location very often so, by all means, get some pictures. When you gather people together, you are getting their permission. The reception is a time to share memories, catch up, and even have some good times together.

Taking Pictures OF Spaces Is Okay If No Mourners Are Present

When taking a tour of a funeral home, you can take pictures of the spaces around the facilities for potential services of your own, but only if there are no mourners present and no services happening. It can be nice to have pictures of the spaces to show family so you can make decisions. But at the same time, you don’t want to take any pictures if someone else is using the space.

When you are visiting funeral homes in North Haven, CT for final services and tours, there are proper times to take pictures.

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