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Traveling With Cremated Remains

Published: May 15, 2023
by BC Bailey Funeral Home
cremation services in Meridien CT

There are a lot of decisions to make when a loved one passes on and if you have chosen to go with cremation services in Meridien, CT, that’s an honorable direction to take. Cremation gives you a lot of other options and in some ways, it’s an easier way to go. If you want your loved one to move around to other locations, for example, you can do so yourself. Traveling with cremated remains doesn’t take extra costs and can be quite simple. Whether you want to go to another location for a memorial, a final resting place, or anything else, you can easily move around with your loved one.

Take The Urn In The Car

Probably the easiest way to move your loved one’s remains from place to place is within your vehicle. You will want to have your loved one in a secure urn and in a safe location so it won’t tip and break. You can put it in a box on the floor so it won’t tip or roll or you can even belt it into an empty seat to secure it. Then, you can drive to another state, another city, or anywhere else the roads go. You don’t have to pay for special transportation, or any help moving the urn around. It’s simple, easy, free, and perfectly honorable.

Take The Remains On A Plane

If you have a long way to travel, or you are short on time and can’t make the drive, it’s also possible to travel by plane. You are going to want to contact the airline you use to see what their rules and regulations are. If your loved one is in a metal urn, you can’t just stick it in a backpack and expect to make it through security. They may have special regulations, but it’s certainly easy enough to take a loved one on a plane trip to another location. Just check with the airline and you can move forward with your travel plans from there. 

While grief can be a difficult and challenging experience, it can also be a transformative process that can lead to personal growth, spiritual development, and a deeper appreciation for life.

Place Them In The Mail

It’s also possible to mail your loved one to another location if you want to do that. Perhaps you want to send them to another family member for their final resting place, or for a second memorial. Check with the mail system, or special mailing programs, to see what you need to do. You will need a special box, most likely, and it may need to be labeled in certain ways. You’ll also want to track so you can keep an eye on where your loved one is and ensure that they make it to their location in the right amount of time.

When you have a loved one pass on, you can go forward with cremation services in Meridien, CT once you are certain that is the route you want to take. It’s easy to move them around and travel with them once they are in an urn or simple container. Check into the details of whatever avenue of travel you are going to utilize.

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