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Exciting Ways To Be Buried

Published: November 7, 2022
by BC Bailey Funeral Home

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We've all heard of other cultures doing unique things to honor the dead. In some cultures, people sit and have a meal in the cemetery to honor their dead, which becomes a celebration. Other countries dance with their deceased family members, and it can be interesting to see how different each method is for honoring our loved ones who have passed on. A funeral home in North Haven, CT will suggest what you can and can't do and how to make your ceremony special. You may not know that each culture has a unique idea of what should be done and what's respectful, and we have a list to show you what we mean.

You Can Choose To Have A Sky Burial

A sky burial is most common among Buddhists. The bodies are left outside, and the soul is believed to depart more quickly. This is also very common in Tibet as they believe this embraces the circle of life and the soul will reach its destination more quickly. This is often the type of service you think of when you consider ‘funeral homes’.

You Can Be Buried In The Water

Water burials are also increasingly common. Particularly so in Nordic countries. They have embraced this as an honorable way to let their deceased return to earth more quickly. They lay coffins on the cliff and allow the casket to face the water. This will let the rising water take their loved ones away. Another way to consider this is to consider the coffin a ship being placed out to sea.

Honoring Your Dead With A Parade

Some cultures will celebrate the life of the person, and it is believed to be what you should do. Instead of wanting their death to be sad, they will celebrate life. Because of this, they will hold a parade. The bodies of the parade goers are dressed in colors that highlight the virtues of the deceased, and it is a beautiful way to celebrate who the person was in life. For example, red would be for purity, yellow would be for someone who had a vast amount of knowledge, and so on. This is a unique way of showing people who your loved one was in life.

Silence Is Needed

Other cultures insist that you remain quiet when your loved one passes on and that you shouldn't cry. This is because they believe that the soul will hear the crying and get confused when it's on its way to the afterlife. This can be extremely difficult for families as the natural inclination for someone passing is to cry and show their grief.

Each Culture Has Something Different

As we see from our list above, each culture has something unique that they do for their dead, and many of these rituals are steeped in tradition. It also relies heavily on what their particular cultures believe in. As such, you will have an exciting choice because there are many different ways of honoring the dead. Just ensure that the person you have lost is respected and kept in their death as they were in life. If you need help, rest assured that the funeral home in North Haven, CT? has suggestions.

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