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Spread Your Ashes And Be Free

Published: November 14, 2022
by BC Bailey Funeral Home

cremation in North Haven, CT

If you have a prominent personality in life, why not have one when you plan your cremation in North Haven, CT? There are many unique ways you can be remembered in death, and if you are pre-planning your cremation, these ideas might be worth considering.

Be An Eternal Firework

An individual who has always loved the romanticism or fun of fireworks might be pleased to find out that you can have your ashes released as one. Specific fireworks companies will create custom options to make a special tribute to the sky. You might need special permission to do this depending on the type of fireworks you choose, but if you want to go out with a bang, no pun intended, this is truly the best way to do it.

Send Your Ashes Into Space

Another option that you can take is to have your remains put into outer space. While this isn't a traditional choice, it is a loving and beautiful tribute to someone who spent their life wondering what it would be like to go to the stars. Like fireworks, particular companies will release ashes into space, and many people have been taking advantage of this option since it came out. Space cremation is less common than other options. However, many people choose to do this as they see it as a beautiful idea. One thing you should know, however, is that they will not send your ashes alone. They typically send hundreds of urns at the same time.

Returning To The Earth

If you love flowers or nature, many families find comfort and return to nature as they die. White flowers signify innocence, while red is for eternal love. Mixing your ashes with the seeds of your favorite wildflowers and planting them into the ground will turn them into a beautiful symbol of life and growth. This will be a tribute that lasts.

Being Placed Into The Sky

Many people choose not to skydive when they're alive, but you can do so with your ashes. If you choose to, your family can scatter your ashes through a helicopter, a hot air balloon, or other unique options. It provides a unique perspective as the ashes float down to the earth, but it also allows your ashes to carry themselves naturally over a considerable distance.

With Unique Ideas, You Have A Loving Tribute

Consider one of these ideas when you want to honor your loved one and give them the best cremation in North Haven, CT? and tribute possible. They are all loving tributes that will last the test of time and beautifully keep your loved one. While some of the options we've mentioned may not be the most traditional, remember that everyone's family is different, and only you can tell what your loved one would have wanted. If they had the soul of an adventurer, they might not have wanted to spend an eternity in an urn. You can honor their wishes by sending them free forever and letting them rest in peace.

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